Country Comfort Season 2: Is it Happening Or Not? Latest Details….


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Country Comfort is an American comedy series generated by Caryn Lucas. The series was produced by Matt Conner and edited by Michael Karlich and Andy Cruz.

The series was released on Netflix on 19th March 2021 with a total number of 10 episodes ranging between 20 minutes to 27 minutes.

The story revolves around a singer named Bailey who was dismissed from her upcoming band with her boyfriend and bandmate. After that, she lands in the doorway of Beau. Beau is a widowed rancher who hires Bailey as a nanny for her five children and Bailey immediately makes a way to the hearts of the family while reviving her music career.

The last episode of “Country Comfort” ended on a cliffhanger, thus, the fans are looking for a sequel to discover what happens to Bailey, Beau, and the five kids.

Country Comfort Season 2: Should we expect its second installment?

In July 2021, one of the spokespeople for Netflix has mentioned that Netflix has canceled “Country Comfort” after its first season.

Unfortunately, it is a bad decision for Bailey, Beau and the rest of the starring members as the series will not return for the second season.

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Country Comfort Season 2: Any New Additions in the Cast Members?

There are no official statements about the starring members of “Country Comfort” but definitely it will remain the same with some minor changes. If the makers will change their minds. Then definitely all the previous members will be back on the screen.

Country Comfort season 2

  • Katharine Mc Phee as Bailey (Bailey is a country singer who turns into a nanny after getting kicked out from her upcoming band with her boyfriend)
  • Eddie Cibrian in the role of Beau (a cowboy widower who is raising alone five children’s in Harmony Hills)
  • Ricardo Hurtado as Tuck (Beau’s eldest son)
  • Jamie Martin Mann played the character of Brody (Beau’s 15 years age son)
  • Griffin McIntyre in the appearance of Dylan (Beau’s 12 years aged son)
  • Shiloh Verrico as Cassidy (Beau’s 9-year aged daughter)
  • Pyper Braun acted as Chloe (Beau’s youngest daughter who is a six-year-old)
  • Janet Varney as Summer (Beau’s girlfriend)
  • Eric Balfour in the role of Boone (Bailey’s ex-boyfriend)
  • Le Ann Rimes as herself (Guest Star)

Country Comfort Season 2: What to expect in the storyline?

The first season ends where Bailey was thrown out of her upcoming band and she started working as a nanny for Beau’s kids in Harmony Hills.

The second season will start the story from the ending of the first season and present us the future of Bailey, Beau, and the five kids.

Would Bailey be a big singer in the second season? What will Beau’s kids do after growing up? All these questions will be answered in the second season of “Country Comfort”.

Country Comfort Season 2: Ratings

Country Comfort received mixed responses from the audience and it got different ratings of 50 % by Rotten Tomatoes, 6.9 out of 10 by IMDb, 2 out of 5 by Common Sense Media, 79 % by Just Watch, and 8.1 out of 10 by Rating Graph.

Where to watch Country Comfort Season 2?

Until Country Comfort Season 2 is released, you can watch the first season of “Country Comfort” which is streaming online on Netflix.

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Concluding Note:

Regretfully, as of now, the series is not coming back. We hope so that the producers would change their minds and start filming it again. Still, we are not sure whether they will consider the demand of the followers or not.

We update you with the recent information once the makers disclose anything more than this. Till then, keep following us and stay connected with your favorite site.

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