Could a Ghoul in Fallout Be Classified as a Zombie, or is It Something More Sinister?



Fallout is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series which is based on the serious threat of ghouls. The life of Ghoul is really a life that is not worth living at all. Masses are curious about this complex and attractive character in the series which captivates them till the end.

Do you want to know about the creepy and weird-looking character, Ghoul in the “Fallout” series? then read this article completely to the end. Let’s explore the burning question in the minds of viewers about the character, Ghoul: Is A Ghoul In Fallout A Zombie – Or Something Worse?


  • Action
  • Black comedy
  • Drama
  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Satire
  • Science fiction
  • Western
Created by
  • Graham Wagner
  • Geneva Robertson-Dworet
Based on Fallout by Bethesda Softworks
  • Graham Wagner
  • Geneva Robertson-Dworet
  • Ella Purnell
  • Aaron Moten
  • Kyle MacLachlan
  • Moisés Arias
  • Xelia Mendes-Jones
  • Walton Goggins
Composer Ramin Djawadi
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Executive producers
  • Jonathan Nolan
  • Lisa Joy
  • Geneva Robertson-Dworet
  • Graham Wagner
  • Athena Wickham
  • Todd Howard
  • James Altman
  • Margot Lulick
  • James W. Skotchdopole
  • Crystal Whelan
  • Halle Phillips
  • Gursimran Sandhu
  • Stuart Dryburgh
  • Teodoro Maniaci
Editor Ali Comperchio
Running time 45–74 minutes
Production companies
  • Kilter Films
  • Big Indie Pictures
  • Bethesda Game Studios
  • Amazon MGM Studios
Original release April 10, 2024 – present
Network Amazon Prime Video

What is Fallout All About?

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Fallout is a popular American post-apocalyptic drama television series. It was created by Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet for Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, it is based on a role-playing video game franchise that was developed by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky. All thanks to the series stars including  Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, Moisés Arias, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Walton Goggins.

Is A Ghoul In Fallout A Zombie - Or Something Worse?

However, It captivates the audience till the end because its intriguing narrative includes action, black comedy, drama, satire, science fiction western, and post-apocalyptic genre scenarios. This series debuted on Prime Video on April 10, 2024, and received positive reviews and ratings from the masses. Explore, Philip Rosenthal‘s Somebody Feed Phil to return for season 8.

Who is a Ghoul in Fallout?

Each character in “Fallout” series offers a compelling narrative arc that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. One of them is Cooper who has grabbed the attention of fans and critics. In this new series, Cooper stands out as one of the most fleshed-out and complex characters who is engaged in representing the character with depth of emotions.

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Most of his skin has been burned. He is known by the name of “The Ghoul” He is not the only one in the series but there are hundreds of ghouls out there in the world of Fallout. Individuals are still wondering where these Ghouls have come from. why they are ignored in the whole series? What they can do? Do you want to know? Then read this article completely to the end. Check out, Starz officially renewed BMF Season 4 before the release of Season 3.

When Does the History of Ghouls in the Fallout Universe Begin?

Fallout highlights the aftermath of the Great War of 2077 which is an apocalyptic nuclear exchange in an alternate history of Earth where advances in nuclear technology. That’s how the history of the Fallout universe begins. The series depicts the majority of the population of the United States was affected by nuclear fallout just because of the advancing of technology.

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Therefore, some people avoid the radiation. On the other hand, some people have embraced the damage caused by nuclear energy blasts but in the end, they didn’t quite walk away from the disaster.  As thousands faced deadly radiation, their skin blistered and bodies mutilated, with noses and other appendages disappearing.

Those who are genuinely affected by the war, their minds are completely damaged, and their bodies are enduring irreversible damage and changes. The opening scene of the series represents that these surprising creatures are becoming the sole survivors among their loved ones. Are they all become zombies or not? Before proceeding further, take a look at 5 surprising, lesser-known revelations about Harry Styles.

Is a Ghoul in Fallout a Zombie?

If these creatures are neglected and untreated, then their conditions can get worse over time and drastically convert them into ghouls. the series “Fallout” shows the potentially surpassing transformation of Cooper Howard into The Ghoul. Without proper care, ghouls risk turning feral or even evolving into fully-fledged zombies if they fail to administer RadAway regularly.

Is A Ghoul In Fallout A Zombie - Or Something Worse?

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Similar to past iterations, the zombies depicted in “Fallout” are typical undead creatures fixated on consuming flesh. There is little difference between zombies and ghouls related to their cognitive abilities. Meanwhile, the intelligence of zombies lacks any semblance of thought, whereas ghouls demonstrate the capacity to endure over prolonged periods.

Who Are the Cast and Characters of Fallout?


  • Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean
  • Luciana VanDette portrays young Lucy MacLean
  • Aaron Moten as Maximus
  • Amir Carr portrays young Maximus
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Hank MacLean
  • Moisés Arias as Norm MacLean
  • Xelia Mendes-Jones as Dane
  • Walton Goggins as The Ghoul / Cooper Howard

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  • Sarita Choudhury as Lee Moldaver
  • Leslie Uggams as Betty Pearson
  • Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus
  • Zach Cherry as Woody Thomas
  • Annabel O’Hagan as Stephanie Harper
  • Dave Register as Chet
  • Rodrigo Luzzi as Reg McPhee
  • Leer Leary as Davey
  • Elle Vertes as Rose MacLean
  • Teagan Meredith as Janey Howard
  • Frances Turner as Barb Howard


Laconically, the debate surrounding whether a Ghoul in Fallout is merely a Zombie or something more sinister remains unresolved. While They share similarities, there is little difference between zombies and ghouls. On the contrary, their appearance is similar to a large extent but properly they are not named zombies.

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