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Coronavirus: Why Reopening Schools In France Is A Social Emergency


David Mudd

The Social Divide

The lack of schooling has increased inequalities. Furthermore, France’s Education Minister, Jean Michel said that it is a social emergency to reopen schools in France. Moreover, the country started to open Primary schools.

Jean believes that it is important for young people than older ones. The country lifted its lockdown on 11th May. Since then France has opened 40,000 plus primary schools and some middle schools as well.

Moreover, one in five children has started going back to school. Moreover, they come from wealthier families. Also, many faculties say that the school should begin from June-July and not now.

French children begin returning to school | Deccan Herald

Sens Not To Reopen Schools In France Yet

It is not compulsory for parents to send their children to school in France. According to Reuters, Sens, a small market town south of Paris has closed all the schools closed even after the lockdown was lifted.

The town’s mayor said her decision to shut all 19 schools in Senz was very popular. Moreover, many parents have a lot of pressure to decide whether to send their children to school or not.

According to the BBC, the French government has issued 56-page guidelines on what schools need to follow post the pandemic to ensure the health of children and faculty members.

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What Next?

Man parents still hesitate to send their children to schools yet. However, the guidelines issued by the French government ensures hygiene and extra care of children in schools. Moreover, many parents still want to keep their children away from school.

They want to resume sending their children to schools from June-July onwards. They believe the situation and the virus picture will be much clearer by then. The government is still monitoring the areas newly relaxed from the lockdown.