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Coronavirus: Why Is Russia’s Covid-19 Mortality Rate So Low?


David Mudd

Find out why Russia’s coronavirus mortality rate is so low when compared to other populous countries. Also, find out the mortality rate of other top countries affected by the coronavirus. Take a look at the glimpse of global cases of the coronavirus.

Glimpse Of Coronavirus Cases Globally

The coronavirus continues to rise in most of the countries. While many have started to stabilize the virus graph. Imposing lockdown and social distancing have enabled the containment of the coronavirus.

Moreover, there are 4.37 million coronavirus cases in the world to date. 1.56 million people have recovered. However, 298,000 people have died due to the virus. The World Health Organisation, CDC, and other health institutes around the world continue to work to develop the coronavirus vaccine.

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Mortality Rate In The US, Russia, And Brazil

The United States, Brazil, and Russia are leading the index in terms of rising infections every day. Brazil has become the sixth worst affected fatality country in the world. The United States continues to top the table in terms of new cases and deaths.

As of Monday, the United States had a mortality rate from COVID-19 of 6%. Furthermore, Brazil had a mortality rate of 7%. Both the countries were disorganized when the pandemic struck. Moreover, they took the virus lightly and assumed it as the average flu.

In Europe, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, etc recorded a mortality rate above 10%. Moreover, this information is provided by the John Hopkins University. Amidst, all this, Russia has only a 1% mortality rate.

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Why Russia Has Only 1% Mortality Rate?

Dr. Elena Malinnikova from the Russian Ministry Of Health said that Russia timely detected the virus infection. Moreover, people in the country visit their doctors soon after symptoms start to appear.

Moreover, the country followed strict lockdown and testing when the pandemic broke. Therefore, it has such a low mortality rate.