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Coronavirus: WHO’s Mike Ryan Says Lockdowns Are Not Enough To Defeat The Virus


David Mudd

Coronavirus: WHO’s Mike Ryan Says Lockdowns Are Not Enough To Defeat The Virus.

Introduction (Coronavirus)

It’s lockdown everywhere. Countries, states, districts, houses everywhere it’s a lockdown. As the novel Covid-19 is spreading its range, governments are going for stricter measures. But is lockdown enough? Closing down every single entity starting from massive malls to small business shops.

World Health Organization’s top emergency expert, Mike Ryan has a different view. He says that simply locking down societies will not yield any positive results. Public measures are required to avoid the resurgence of the virus.


Ryan’s View (Coronavirus)

Mike Ryan in an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr emphasized on finding out the infected and putting them in isolation. He further warned that once the lockdowns are lifted the virus may jump back. So for that, we need to put in place strong public health measures.

Much of Europe and the United States have followed China and other Asian countries and introduced drastic restrictions to fight the new Coronavirus, with most workers told to work from home. Schools, bars, pubs and restaurants are closed until further notice.

Ryan said that Asian countries like China, South Korea and Singapore have tracked down every possible suspect by all means. They are implementing rigorous measures to contain the virus. Their work format should be taken as a model by European countries which has now become the epicentre of the pandemic.


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UK Fighting Corona

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson in an official notice urged the people to stay indoors unless. He also notified the public to be responsible and avoid social interactions. As there has been a shortage of medical supplies, it’s high time people take responsibility.

Italy is the worst-hit country in the world by the virus. It surpassed China last week as the number of infected people rose to around 55,000. Churches were piling up with dead bodies as the death toll ticked to almost 6,000.


Vaccines (Coronavirus)

The medical fraternity is working day and night to find out a cure to contain the virus. Ryan confirmed that several vaccines are in development and that some had begun trials in US. He said that they needed at least a year to make sure of the safety. The vaccines will come out in due course but right now they needed to get out and work.