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Coronavirus: WHO Says The Virus May Kill Young People As Well

World Health Organisation warns the young people that they are not safe from the coronavirus. Read ahead to know more.

People Above 65 At Major Risk

World Health Organisation says that people above the age of 65 are at major risk of coronavirus. About 75% of cases involve people above the age of 60. Furthermore, most of these people already had health complications like diabetes, heart problem and so on.

Corona Virus

Since the it is so new, people under the age of 50 are least affected. Also, only 0.2% of people under the age of 50 tested positive of COVID-19. The Malaria vaccine is in use to treat the patients.

Furthermore, the average coronavirus patient’s age was 56 in a study of 99 patients. With age, your immune system weakens. As a result, you lose the strength to fight diseases. Therefore people above 65 are severely hit by the coronavirus.

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People Under The Age Of 65

Even though this is not affecting young people so much, they still possess a risk to others as a source of transmission. Since young people possess a strong immune system, they can tackle the virus.


However, there are cases of virus in young people. About 12% of people treated in Italy are between 19-50 years of age. Last week, a 6-month old baby reported positive of virus in Singapore. He got infected by his parents.

Young people tested positive of COVID-19, recover quickly. But they are sources of transmitting it to others around them. Therefore, they become carriers of coronavirus. Coronavirus transmits through air and surface.

What Should You Do

World Health Organisation has laid guidelines to tackle coronavirus. You should avoid going to public spaces. Moreover, you should practice social distancing. Many countries have shut down malls, offices, colleges and asked people to quarantine themselves in their house.

Furthermore, you should wash hands properly for 20 seconds. Also, wear a mask to prevent airborne transmission of coronavirus. Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic. If you have a fever and cough, inform doctors over the phone and prevent going outside.