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Coronavirus: Which Health Claims Are Circulating Online


David Mudd

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. Furthermore, cases are coming under control. But the problem persists. Moreover, many health claims are circulating online. Read ahead to know more about them.

Vegetarianism Recommended

Two of India’s top medical institution and a top doctor have criticized a fake message. Moreover, this fake message is being circulated on WhatsApp. The message contains a long list of things of precautions to take.

Many of the points enlisted are sensible such as social distancing, wearing face masks, and so on. However, one of the points advice a vegetarian diet. Also, it says not to wear belts, rings, or wristwatches.

In reality, none of these measures protect you from the coronavirus. The World Health Organisation says that eating fruits and vegetables, consuming meat proteins are essential for a healthy diet and to stay fit.

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Prolonged Wearing Of Face Masks Is Not Harmful

Another misleading article online says that prolonged wearing of a face mask is dangerous to human health. According to the BBC, the article first appeared in Spanish and was first circulated in South and Central America.

The article was later translated into English and shared more than 55,000 times of Facebook. The article says that prolonged breathing while wearing a face mask can lead to inhalation of carbon dioxide.

Moreover, it says this will result in people feeling dizzy and cutting proper oxygen supply. Also, it says people should remove their face masks every ten minutes to prevent the inhalation of carbon dioxide.

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WHO’s Advice To The People

WHO has advised people to not believe information circulated online. Moreover, the information published by the WHO and other official health institutions is to be considered by the people around the world.