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Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About The Virus Right Now


David Mudd

Its been more than two months since the pandemic crisis began. Moreover, the coronavirus has affected the lifestyle of people to a considerable extent. However, as the coronavirus wave settles, many countries are resuming their business and economic activities. Read ahead to know the latest info about the coronavirus.

Wuhan Starts Rapid Testing Of City’s Population

Life had started to normalize in Wuhan Moreover, the coronavirus wave had settled in the city. Business and economic activities resumed. However, recently the city reported additional coronavirus cases.

As a result, the Chinese authorities decided to test 11 million people residing in Wuhan. Moreover, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Chinese CDC are conducting rapid tests. Furthermore, the residents stood in long lines on Thursday to get tested.

The tests are conducted in Wuhan itself. Moreover, 3 million residents tested. The authorities are now testing the remaining residents. Moreover, people having previous coronavirus history are tested on a priority basis.

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Long Ques At Jakarta Airport

The Indonesian Government allowed several airlines to resume their services. Furthermore, the Jakarta airport saw a huge multiple ques of the crowd gathering at the airport. Moreover, all of them were trying to enter the airport.

The airport authorities soon managed the crowd. They ensured that the crowd followed physical distancing. Moreover, people had to show their health bills. Also, they had to show the official letter from their employer. The letter stated the purpose of the visit and the need to travel. People can board the aircraft after documents are verified.

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Normalizing Office Culture

Many countries have resumed their business activities. Offices have reopened. Moreover, a specific number of employees have started to go to the office. However, meeting with work colleagues seems ambiguous after practicing social distancing all this while.

Moreover, employees will continue to work wearing face masks and use sanitizers. Furthermore, it will take time before life gets back to its earlier normal phase.