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Coronavirus: USA Could Itself Be The Next Epicentre, As Countries Begin Lockdowns


David Mudd

World Health Organization said on Tuesday that there is every clue for the United States of America to become the next epicenter of coronavirus. India announced a full 24-hour lockdown for 21 days. It is the world’s second most populated country. If the spread increase in India, it cannot be controlled. Because the most numbers of people there live in places with congested houses.

The United States has a more infected population than in Japan now. The entire regions are in lockdown. There are soldiers in some places to keep the people inside their houses. Every supply chain is broken and any of the non-essential businesses are not working now. Beyond everything, the global health crisis is becoming a global recession.


Where It Is Going To Stop coronavirus

The global rate of coronavirus shows that above 424,000 people infected across 194 countries and territories. In that about 18,900+ dead and 109,100+ recovered. Total cases in the U.S are more than 54,900 now and it is increasing every day. 784+ patients are already dead. This is the rate from early Wednesday.

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Moreover, 84 percent of new cases reported in Europe and the United States. In that 84%, 40 percent is from the United States. Besides, the large acceleration in the cases gives some clues about the new epicenter for the virus. If it continues at this rate, the United States will surely become the next giant prey for the COVID-19.


People and some officials said that there is a lack of coordinated federal action. After all, some localities putting themselves in competition for supplies. President Donald Trump said that there is a big craziness for face masks and other medical equipment all over the world. So, there are some limitations to provide them. Although, he requested different companies to provide equipment as soon as possible. Click here to know live updates of COVID-19.