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Coronavirus: US Wants To Track Cell Phones To Check The Spread Of COVID-19


David Mudd

The increasing spread of novel Coronavirus has become a global concern. People all over the world, including the Governments, are trying to come up with solutions to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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Coronavirus In US

The Government of the US, like every other government, is also looking for ways to contain the disease. The spread of the pandemic is touching new heights in the US. The registered cases of affected citizens in the country have reached 6,000.


The Idea Behind Creating An App To Contain The Spread Coronavirus

The tech companies that are working to contain the spread of COVID-19 are drawing inspiration from the FluPhone.

A couple of Scientists at Cambridge created FluPhone in 2011. The app used wireless and Bluetooth connections of smartphones to monitor the interaction between people. It also asked them questions about any visible symptoms of the flu.

The Newspapers and magazines hyped the app extensively at that time, but it ended up not being as popular among the users.

Tech Companies Putting An Effort To Contain The Outbreak

Several tech companies of the US are coming up with innovative ideas to put up a fight against the spread Coronavirus.

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Verily recently established a forum in California that would work as a guide of the testing procedure. Microsoft also released a Coronavirus Tracker Dashboard (CTD) as an effort for the same.

Google has created a website that assimilates information about the symptoms and risks of Coronavirus. All the social media platforms have also come together to remove any misinformation about the disease from their handles.

Tracking Cell Phones To Check The Spread Of COVID-19

The US Government is talking about tracking the cellphones of the citizens. The location data extracted from smartphones could help the health experts get a general idea of the spread of the infection.

There are mixed feelings in the public regarding the tracking of the cellphones. People have raised concerns regarding the invasion of privacy. However, at a trying time such as this, we cannot afford to be picky. We must all think in the direction of the greater good that it could bring about.