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Coronavirus, US: Most Infected Cases Reported In US, 85,000 Cases So Far


David Mudd

The United States of America became the country in which the highest amount of people infected by the coronavirus. More than 85,000 cases reported till now and it is increasing. Besides, over 1300 people dead. The normal life of people halt in the U.S after the lockdown issue by the government.

Unemployment is in its best form right now. After all, 3.3 million people already filed for unemployment benefits. It broke all the records until now. A previous record for this level of unemployment was report in 1982. $2trillion relief package was pass by the Senate on Thursday. It is for helping the businesses, workers and the health care system. The whole health system is strained now.


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China To Stop The Ravage Of The Coronavirus?

President of the United States Donald Trump Told that he spoke with the Chinese president. After all, China is more experienced with the virus. Even though Italy had more death toll, China made it in their control. Because they have a strong understanding of the Coronavirus. Further talking with Chinese President Xi. Trump told us that both countries coming together to stopping the spread.

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Moreover, the Chinese president told that Beijing is ready to work with all the affected areas to make the situation under control. Donald Trump as criticized for referring the Coronavirus as “Chinese virus”. He did it again many times even after those incidents. The relationship between both countries was already strain for several months.


However, at last, a Coronavirus came to make them work together for their well being. Trump was criticized many times for his racist kind of word usages. Besides, He also got blamed for his silly attitude towards the spread in its first pace.

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