Coronavirus : US Gets Its Biggest Infected Reports And Death Toll


David Mudd

The coronavirus has claimed it’s largest single-day death toll in the United States since it first started its rampage across the country. This was according to the count that officials took on the evening of March 16, 2020. The virus took the lives of 18 people on that day, raising the death toll at the time to 85 across the country.

A Surge In Numbers

That number has since gone through the roof. According to Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus map, there have now been 260 deaths in total across the USA. This is out of 19,624 cases recorded so far. 147 people have made a recovery from the virus, though, so there are still signs of hope.

The Guardian reports that 80% of the cases are showing mild forms of illnesses. This includes symptoms of fever and pneumonia. While the patients with these symptoms won’t exactly be comfortable, they aren’t at immediate risk. Basic measures should be enough to manage their health.

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The Elderly At Risk, Millions Told To Stay Home

Those with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, however, do require immediate attention. The elderly are especially at risk all over the world. China, where this virus originated, saw a death rate of 14.8% among the 72,000 patients over 80 years of age.

This has led the United States of America to take some drastic measures at the State and Federal level. On the State level, we have seen the governments of Illinois, New York and Connecticut tell non-essential workers to not leave their homes.


These orders are similar to those that California governor Gavin Newsom issued for his state. The combination of these four states would mean that a whopping 75 million people have been told to stay home.

Federal Guidelines To Combat Pandemic

The overall response to this on-going global pandemic has seen many aspects of day-to-day life disrupted. Schools, gyms, movie theatres, etc. are all closed in an effort to discourage large crowds of people from gathering in one place.

The US is taking measures that are similar to those that France has taken. They have taken to issuing a 15-day “pause”, with certain specific guidelines. One such guideline includes advice that people should not gather in crowds of more than 10.

According to CNN, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have issued certain guidelines of their own. These state that the “pause” may continue for longer than 15 days.


All-in-all, the coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 11,000 lives worldwide and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down as of yet.