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Coronavirus Updates: Half A Million Infected Cases With 25,000 Deaths Reported


David Mudd

Coronavirus Updates: The situations in the world are getting scary. Is this apocalypse? Is it Ragnarok? Are we all going to die. No one knows, there is one thing that we know that we have to try, try and stay inside our house. There is nothing we can do, only stay inside, we need to take all the precautions, and most importantly, we need to stay away from each other. We hope that everyone reading this is fine.

Coronavirus Updates

Records Are Clearing Out The Situations (Coronavirus Updates)

The records that are coming out every day are scary, and they are making everything clear. The situations are not typical. There is a website called world meters, and they have records of all the countries. The website updates every few hours and updates the records. According to them and some other official sources, more than half a million positive cases are there in the world as of now.

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Coronavirus Updates

More than 28000 People Died (Coronavirus Updates)

The exact number of people dead until the moment we write this is 28,808. This number makes it clear that we need to take this very seriously now, or we will lose everything. No one in the world wants to die. We also hope that the number of casualties doesn’t grow at the same rate. As said earlier, we need to take care of ourselves, that is the only way to take care of others. 

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Coronavirus Updates

Help Yourself To Help Others

There is nothing we can do to help others directly. There is a way in which we can save ourselves and others around us too, by staying away, cleaning our hands and not touching our face. This is the time when we need to maintain distance and not be emotional while taking precautions. Avoid hugging your loved ones. We know that you care and that is why stay away. Staying away nowadays is the way of showing that you care for someone.

That does not mean that you go and touch the one you hate; it might backfire and might put you in a problem. This is a time when we need to stay alert and stay calm. Patience and social distancing are the ways to go through this.