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Coronavirus: UK Prime Minister And Health Secretary Test Positive For COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic surges throughout the world, Europe is the hardest hit with the virus. The UK is also witnessing a rise in the number of cases because of ignoring the incubation period of the illness. Several high ranking officers in the British Government are also testing positive for the virus.

Here are details on Prime Minister Borris Johnson’s contract and fight with the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Status In UK Worsens


The NHS and the citizens are criticizing the government for not testing enough. Only those who are showing symptoms or are seriously ill are undergoing testing. Therefore, it is a matter of concern because various organisations are predicting that the situation in the UK will go downhill.

According to the Worldometer, The number of cases in the UK is at 14,543 and the number of deaths at 759. It is one of the deadliest jumps in the past 24 hours for the UK.

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Prime Minister Borris Johnson Tests Positive

The Prime Minister of United kingdom, Borris Johnson is now one of the 400,000+ people fighting the coronavirus. Johnson went online to announce the news and address the government’s plan of action against the virus.

He says that he tested positive for the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. He has mild symptoms as of now. Johnson adds that he can carry out his work and thanks to everyone in NHS and special care.

He will continue to carry out government duties and will ensure that the health workers get all the support they need. He is self-isolating with medical advice at his residence. Johnson is also advising people to stay at home and work from home, saying how easy it is to learn to work from home.

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Health Secretary Tests Positive, Johnson’s Contacts Being Tested For The Virus?

The British Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock, also tested positive for the coronavirus . He announced the news shortly after Borris Johnson did on twitter. Like Johnson, Hancock also has mild symptoms. He also stresses the fact that he will continue to work from home in support of the NHS.

He also urges people to stay home and stay safe. Everyone that is in regular contact with the Prime Minister, like Hancock, are also exposing themselves to the virus. However, they will only go for testing if they start showing symptoms, something that people are criticising.


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