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Coronavirus, UK: PM Boris Johnson Orders Pubs, Restaurants And Cafes To Shut Down

Coronavirus In UK: For the last few months, people around the globe cannot stop thinking about coronavirus. And it is quite natural. After WHO declared it a global pandemic, it created a panic situation in the whole world. It is becoming more chaotic by every passing day. The whole world is trying to fight back and together against the virus. The government of the UK already took a step by shutting down all restaurants, pubs, and cafes in the country.

COVID-19 Pandemic

SARS-CoV-2 Is the main cause of COVID-19 disease. This virus was identified first in Wuhan, China. But the current centre of this virus outbreak in Europe. It’s getting worse in the world. WHO declared it a pandemic already. The whole is trying to fight back. Doctors and researchers from across the globe try trying to find out a cure. To create the vaccination of coronavirus is still an ongoing process, but this procedure needs time, a few months or years.

Coronavirus In UK

Coronavirus Situation In UK

As we know, Europe is now the epicentre of the outbreak, declared by WHO. The UK is the sixth highest country with coronavirus cases (after Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Switzerland). The number of cases is getting higher day by day. Italy already overtook China in coronavirus cases.

UK PM Boris Johnson Ordered Pubs, Restaurants, And Cafes To Shut Down

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK took a surprising step by shutting down all cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the country. He also announced a wage-support scheme to prevent the chaos of job losses. But this announcement of avoiding social contact brought the PM under pressure as well.

Coronavirus In UK

Earlier on that day, the UK government took the decision about the venues that are going to close. But later on the day, they made an emergency decision of nationwide shutdown.

Though, the announcement is being criticized because it is a bit unclear. PM, Chancellor Sunak and Deputy Chief medical officer Harries are urging to people of the UK for their cooperation in this fight.

Coronavirus In UK

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