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Coronavirus: Trump Says US Topping World Virus Cases Is A Badge Of Honour


David Mudd

The United States President, Donald Trump says its a badge of honor for the country to top the coronavirus cases. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the current status of the coronavirus in the country.

Coronavirus Status In The United States

The United States is the worst affected coronavirus country. Moreover, their healthcare system is working at its peak. There is a shortage of beds and other medical supplies. Furthermore, US President Donald Trump responded quite late to take action against the virus.

According to John Hopkins University, there are 1.56 million coronavirus cases to date in the country. 297,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus. However, 92,258 people have died in the country to date.

President Donald Trump is being criticized for his poor casual approach to handle the pandemic. Moreover, he has warned the World Health Organisation that the US might withdraw its medical support funds.

Tracking the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United ...

What Did Trump Say?

President Trump hosted his first cabinet meeting since the American outbreak began. The meeting was held this Monday. He said its a badge of honor for the country to lead in the coronavirus cases.

Furthermore, he said that we are conducting so many tests, unlike any other country. This shows there efficiency to tackle the virus. Trump considers it a good thing as his country’s testing is better than other nations. According to the CDC, the United States has conducted 12.6 million coronavirus tests by Tuesday.

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Is The President Right?

The stats are true to some extent. The Our World Statistics based at Oxford University ranks the US on 16th in terms of testing. Moreover, New Zealand, Iceland, and others have tested more 1000 people per day than the US.

Moreover, the United States needs to test at least half a million people every day. Only then it should consider opening the economy.