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Coronavirus: This Is How The World Is Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Amid Pandemic


David Mudd

The coronavirus outbreak has led to halt of daily life in most parts of the world. The governments have ordered precautionary steps which include lockdown and cancellation of any sort of public gathering.

Many major events that are held on a world wide scale have recently been cancelled because of this. The NBA league, the Premier League, tech events of Google and Microsoft are some of the examples.

It is a given that in this environment, an event like St. Patrick’s Day will obviously not be green signaled as well. However, people’s craze for this particular day has shown as some are willing to risk their health for it.

People in many parts of the world have ignored the precautions and have decided to go through with the proceedings in their own style. While some of the people have invented their own method of celebration for the day.

Here’s how people at different places have celebrated the day:

England coronavirus


People across England have ignored the coronavirus threat altogether. They have ignored any advice to avoid pubs and clubs. People were spotted drinking and dancing in bars across the country.

In one video that surfaced online, the revelers were heard singing “f*#k, coronavirus” while dancing and drinking.

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Italy has been in a state of lockdown in order to control the spread of the virus. The Irish population of Italy had to stay indoors because of it. However they still have managed to find a way to pay tribute to San Patrizio. They arranged a virtual get together for their celebrations which went live between 6pm and 7.30pm.

Ireland coronavirus


Ireland has diagnosed 21 cases of diagnosed coronavirus cases. The usually lively streets of Ireland went silent on the day. The people instead bought merchandises and took selfies. A small religious parade took place in Saul but distance was maintained between people. Church bells across Dublin were rang at 11am.



The scene in the States seems bleak as no festivities was observed. Few of the bar owners took to the media in order to voice their concerns. Saint Patrick’s Day is usually the busiest day for bars and pubs but this time they had to face huge losses.  However some two dozen people were seen marching on the street in an attempt to preserve the tradition.

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