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Coronavirus: The UK Takes Measure By Going Forward With E-Scooters, Self-Driven Cars And More


David Mudd

UK Measures Against Coronavirus. The United Kingdom is getting serious about fighting the new pandemic and here’s how. 

The UK is also facing the same problem as all the other countries in the world. They are also fighting with Coronavirus. The UK taking all the measures that WHO advised, and they are trying to do more. They will now increase the number of E-Scooters and Self Driven cars on their streets. 

Plan Of The UK To Be Safe From The Pandemic (UK Measures Against Coronavirus)

The UK previously banned E-scooters from their streets because they wanted to reduce the number of vehicles per person. Looking at the situations now, they will now have them as methods of transportation. They are also planning to use drones for food and medical deliveries. They want to reduce all the chances of spreading the virus.

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UK Measures Against Coronavirus

No One Knows When This Will End?

How many more days to go? The answer is, no one knows. This situation is getting worse day by day, and there is no particular end to all this. People are scared. They are now following all the guidelines. WHO and governments of all the countries that are affected by the virus are doing everything that they can. Still, the virus is spreading and killing people. 

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Every Country Needs To Take All The Precautions (UK Measures Against Coronavirus)

This is getting serious now, and we are facing problems that are going out of our hands. The countries who took the virus lightly are facing the worst situations. One of the countries we can make for an example is Italy. They were not alert until stage 2, and now all of us know what has happened to them. People from Italy are suggesting everyone take it seriously. Otherwise, every country will face the same thing as them.

It is now time to take action, and action does not mean going out and doing something. It is essential to stay inside, don’t go out if it is not necessary. WHO and all the governments have released proper instruction on what to do. Many things do not require any effort. The world is going through a pandemic, and we have to behave responsibly. This will pass, we have to stay patient.

UK Measures Against Coronavirus