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Coronavirus: The UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries Tests Positive For The Virus


David Mudd

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, countries are facing problems with tracking the number of infected people. Many cities are on lockdown and cases are just increasing everywhere. Recently, the Health Minister of the United Kingdom also tested positive for the virus.

The Corona: Where Does It Come From?

The outbreak of the coronavirus starts in late 2019. the epicentre of the epidemic is a city in China named Wuhan. The virus found its way into humans through the meat, especially bat meat that is available in the market. Ever since its outbreak, Wuhan has been on lockdown with strict protocols in place.


The Coronavirus: What Is The Current Status?

Many countries are reporting new cases of positively tested corona patients every day. Italy, which observed a massive spike in patients due to people travelling in from China, is undergoing strict measures to restrict travel within and outside the country. Many cities in Italy are on lockdown.

Other countries like Japan, Indonesia and India are also witnessing spikes in the number of corona patients. Airports are being turned into makeshift housing places to check international travellers for the virus. Quarantine spaces and buildings are being filled with patients as we speak.

UK Health Minister Contracts The Corona: Meets Borris Johnson Before Diagnosis

The health minister of UK under Prime Minister Borris Johnson recently tested positive for the coronavirus. She says that her mother started showing symptoms first. She started falling ill on Friday and was diagnosed on Tuesday. As of now, she is recovering in quarantine isolation.

Corona Virus

Prior to her diagnosis, the health minister had also met Borris Johnson to discuss the corona problem. As of now, we do not know if she spread the virus to anyone else or who she caught the virus from. The UK is on high alert due to the same and 6 deaths have been reported so far.

The Coronavirus Death Toll And Cured Cases

Some cases wherein patients test positive for the coronavirus receive treatment successfully. However, this success owes to the fact that the virus does not affect young people as deeply as it does to the old. Also, since the death toll is now at 3500 and rising, the cure is simply not working fast enough to contain the virus.

But, the corona is not even the deadliest of viruses out there. There are deadlier viruses around and corona just sends the important message to look after your health to protect yourself from these diseases.