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Coronavirus: The COVID-19 Guidelines For Self-Swab Tests Updated By FDA


David Mudd

Food and Drug Administration has updated the Coronavirus guidelines for self-swab tests. Read ahead to know more.

What Is FDA

Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States Department Of Health And Human Services. The administration was founded on 30th June 1906. Furthermore, the FDA is based in White Oak Campus, Maryland, the United States.

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration protects and promotes public health. Furthermore, it controls and supervises dietary supplements, tobacco products, food safety, medical prescription, etc.


Stephen Hahn is the current Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, the FDA has a budget of 3.16 billion dollars budget in 2020.

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The Updated Guidelines Of FDA Coronavirus 

The new guidelines aim to make the testing process easier for the patients. As a result, people taking tests can conduct their swabs. Furthermore, it involves swabbing shallowly in their nose.

This reduces the burden on the medical staff. Moreover, medical resources are utilized in an optimum manner. Furthermore, the guidelines of the at-home sample test remain the same as earlier.

Moreover, people will visit clinical and testing facilities to meet the Centre for Disease Control And Prevention requirements. The entire procedure will be communicated by healthcare personnel in the area.


People need to stay at home. Furthermore, the start-up diagnostic companies provide self-testing medical equipment. The World Health Organisation has made it compulsory to follow the updated guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration.

Status Of Coronavirus Globally

Wuhan, the epicenter of coronavirus has controlled the coronavirus to a greater extent. Furthermore, commercial activities have started to begin again in the city. Shops and offices have started to reopen.

While Italy is reporting 100 plus deaths every day. India has sent medical support to Italy to treat coronavirus patients. The United States has committed 100 billion dollars as emergency fund to tackle coronavirus.


The Indian Government has issued complete lockdown in the country unless further notice. All schools, colleges, malls, and offices shut down. Furthermore, the government has committed 15000 crore rupees to tackle coronavirus.