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Coronavirus: Spain’s Death Toll Due To Coronavirus Surpasses China’s Cases

The coronavirus pandemic is creating tremendous situations in the world. World Health Organization declared it a global pandemic. It created a panic situation across the globe. It is becoming fiercer by every passing day. The whole world is trying to fight back together against the virus.


Most of us already know about the pandemic. SARS-CoV-2 is the reason for COVID-19 disease. This outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China for the first time. But now Europe has become its epicenter. The nations are coming together in this fight. Medical personal from every nation is trying to find its proper effective treatment. But this virus’s behavior is quite mysterious. So, finding a cure is a long-term process. It may take weeks or months.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus Infection And Situation In World

This outbreak is becoming more detrimental because of its common symptoms like cough, fever, breathing complications. These symptoms are so common that people don’t pay attention in the first place.

It is one of the big mistakes that first effected countries made. This virus spreads between people via respiratory droplets and can survive for several days. Therefore, the world is almost on pause now just to prevent it from spreading. The coronavirus already divested Italy. Now Spain and France is following its footsteps.

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Spain’s Death Toll due To Coronavirus Surpasses China’s Cases

In the coronavirus outbreak, China faces 3285 death cases while Italy has 6820 cases which is the worst condition till now. But it seems that Spain is going to overtake both of their records.  738 people died there in 24 hours and the total number of death is 3434.

The most affected region of Spain is Madrid as well as Catalonia is also having a rapid increase of infection. Even Spain’s deputy PM Carmen Calvo is also tested positive to coronavirus and admitted to hospital.

The country is on emergency now. People are prohibited from unnecessary outing and social gatherings. The government is telling people to do work from home. Spain has now 47610 confirmed cases of infection.

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