Coronavirus: Spain Planning To Test 80,000 people A Day Using Robots


David Mudd

Spain plans to use automated robots to test 80,000 people a day to check symptoms of coronavirus. Read ahead to know more.

Status of Coronavirus In Spain

Spain is the second-worst to get hit by the coronavirus in Europe. Furthermore, the first country is Italy. To date, Spain has 42,058 coronavirus cases. 3794 have recovered. However, 2991 people have died.

Furthermore, Spain currently has 35,273 infected patients. Out of this, 32,637 are in mild condition and 2636 are critical.

Moreover, the Spanish Government has shut down all colleges, schools, malls, and offices. The country is in complete lockdown.

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Spain To Use Robots To Test  80,000 People A Day

The Spanish Government will employ Robots to test 80,000 people a day. Furthermore, artificial intelligence will be put to use. The government will increase testing from 20,000 to 80,000 per day.

They are buying four robots to conduct tests every day. Furthermore, the Spanish Government has already designed robots. Also, they have decided how the entire testing process will be conducted.

Artificial Intelligence is being used a lot in the healthcare industry. As a result, doctors get accurate data. Furthermore, it has enabled to store data which can be accessed later.

How Will The Robots Be Helpful

Coronavirus transmits from person to person. The medical doctors and staff are not exposed to coronavirus by employing robots. Furthermore, it makes the process of testing easy.


Also, it reduces the burden on the medical staff. As a result, doctors can concentrate on deriving a coronavirus vaccine. It also helps doctors to manage existing patients efficiently. Robots don’t get tired. Therefore, conducting 80,000 tests a day becomes easy.

Robots will show accurate data with minimal chances of any error. Testing 80,000 people a day can further reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus. People showing symptoms are screened out.

The Spanish Government has not mentioned how exactly the robots will work. But within a matter of days, the robots will be in use. Furthermore, Spain is the first country to employ robots for testing coronavirus symptoms. Furthermore, robots will use Google Algorithms.