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Coronavirus: Social Distancing-The Do’s And Don’ts


David Mudd

Many of the countries are already being locked down to stop the spreading of the pandemic coronavirus. Besides that, uncountable major events including sports, music concerts, tv shows, gaming events, etc. Even religious prayers and activities that involve groups of people also got temporarily stopped.


All these precautions are taken for one reason. To avoid the mass gatherings of people and keeping a secure distance from everyone. None of these are done because anyone got affected with coronavirus in there. It is one of the major precautions that can be taken to stop the spreading of a virus.

What Is Social Distancing (coronavirus)

Social Distancing is a crucially important health intervention that can help to interfere with the transmission of the virus from one person to another. It can be in many ways. Staying in the home with family by reducing travel that is not important is a way to do that. Besides, It can be achieved through many things like that.

Maintaining a minimum of 6-foot distance from the other person is a best practice in Social distancing. It is because anyone can be affected by the virus. That may include your best friend whom you just shake your hand with. It may include the person who bought your mail into your mailbox. You never know about the place where you get affected by the virus.


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You may have contact with an infected person in the past three or four months. So, if you have the flu or any type of disease. Then you have to get into self-isolation. Because staying away from others is the best practice in this time to not spreading any kind of disease to others too.

People Are Aware, But They Are Not Beware Of Coronavirus

Experts are recommending people to stay away from gatherings with more than 50 people for the next eight or more weeks. It is also not recommended other than in a very emergency situation. Everyone knows the seriousness of the situation but many of them are not ready to get quarantined themselves.

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They say they feel healthy so not going to sit around and waste time. They say that they never let corona stop them from partying. but the thing is that it may be their last party and coronavirus is not going to stop them from it. Virus lets them party first and takes them in the second they left the crowd. who knows.