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Coronavirus: Scene’s From Inside Brazil’s City Worst Hit By The Coronavirus


David Mudd

Coronavirus Status In Brazil

Brazil has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the South American continent. Moreover,r it stands at sixth place in the world for maximum virus-related deaths.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are 415,000 positive virus cases to date. 191,000 people have recovered. However, 25,697 people have died in the country. The country’s healthcare system is working at its peak.

Sao Paulo ha reported the maximum coronavirus deaths. Moreover, the city has reported 3000 plus deaths. Public hospitals in Sao Paulo are running out of beds to treat coronavirus patients.

According to the BBC, Brazil President Bolsanaro is not much concerned about the virus. He says it is an ordinary flu. Moreover, he says lockdown will slow down the economy and increase unemployment in the country.

He is receiving a lot of criticism for his poor handling of the pandemic situation. Also, he has a court trial in June for some corruption-related issues.

Stream Of Grief


More than 1500 graves have been dug at the Parque Taruma Cemetery in Amazon. Men and machinery are working late nights to dig mass graves to bury death victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, at least five coffins are arriving every two hours. People at the cemetery waiting to bury their lost loved ones are angry. Many don’t know the exact cause of death. This is due to the lack of testing in the country.

Workers are working and digging graves in the Amazonian humidity. Things are very quiet and dull at the cemetery site.

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What Is Next For Brazil?

President Bolsonaro needs to understand the gravity of the situation. Moreover, he needs to increase virus testing in the country. Steps need to be taken to ensure the availability of beds for coronavirus patients.