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Coronavirus: Russia To Keep The Quarantine In Check Through Phones And Cameras

Coronavirus: Every country is very conscious of the spread of coronavirus. They are taking all possible steps to ensure that its effect is minimized. Many countries are under lockdown. Some countries have been affected a lot. So, others are very cautious about it.

They are trying their best management to ensure that the effect of this pandemic is reduced. Russia is going to new heights with its security.

Facial recognition. This will check if the people are obeying the orders or not. This is something that not everyone approves of. But now, this is a must.


The Orders Of The Government (Coronavirus)

The government has ordered everyone to stay in quarantine right now. This order is very strictly imposed. Also, the penalty for not obeying this order is huge. For those who go against this order can be under a huge risk.

This is because Moscow is under constant surveillance. The city had started using facial recognition cameras before this pandemic. Now, they are making the right use of it. It is being checked regularly and has all the data. So, everyone must stay indoors.

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How Strong Is The System? 

Everyone is taking this very seriously. The police have the details logged in. So, people entering the city can be sent to five-year-long imprisonment. The foreigners will be deported. Hence, everyone has to agree to the 14-day compulsory quarantine. This is being checked continuously and thoroughly.

People showing any mild symptoms are required to get it checked. This quarantine was done to ensure that those who are at a risk can stay secure. Also, those who had come to the country from outside can not spread it further.

More About The Security (Coronavirus)

Moscow had been under facial recognition cameras for long. The city has a total of 170000 security cameras. These will track its 16 million population. Also, the government has the information of everyone fed.


So, artificial intelligence systems can come into use. They can identify the person based on the recording. Also, the data stored can give you away. The security has so far caught 200 people. So, those who’re deciding to sneak off in this quarantine are at a major risk.

Apart from this, the government is also using a variety of technology to fight the virus. They are using consultations in the telemedicine field. Also, they have used a system of real-time monitoring of supermarket shelves. False stories are quickly removed from all social media platforms. This will help avoid the spread of any rumors.

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