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Coronavirus: Reduced Streaming Quality From Now In Europe

Many streaming platforms reduced their quality to maintain the normal load on the Internet. Netflix and YouTube already reduced their streaming quality in Europe. Besides, now the Amazon and Apple also took the same decision. Every platform is cutting off the quality from HD to SD.

In the current situation, people will use online streaming more than before. It will lead to overloading on the Internet. After all, if overloading did not take seriously. It makes the streaming disrupted. This is for supporting the careful management of telecom services.


Especially in a situation like this, in which Internet demand increased. The reduced quality may result in visibly blocky visuals. It is because the contents will be heavily-compressed.

The Careful Management Of Internet

The need for the Internet is increasing daily. More and more people are starting to work in their homes every day. Many telecom companies provided special packages for the people working from the home. Besides, the authorities were already asked to reduce the quality of streaming platforms in Europe.

Amazon is working on reducing bitrate speeds in Europe. Besides, they will monitor the data usage in the United States and all other countries. Quality will be reduced globally if it is mandatory. Likewise, Internet users also asked to use it responsibly. Users can change their settings to minimize their data usage rates.

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All the streaming platforms already contain different selective qualities. Although, it automatically increases the quality at high speeds. It is the reason that the platforms itself taking steps to reduce the quality. This may affect mostly with big screen users. In big screens, bigger quality is mandatory to see the videos at its best. Still, there is nothing to do other than waiting for this corona season to be over.

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