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Coronavirus: President Trump’s Results For Coronavirus Are Out!


David Mudd

People have to stay inside their houses. Everyone is taking all possible measures to stay safe from the deadly virus. Amongst all this, The US President Donald Trump came in contact with two Brazillian Officials. Both of them were positive for COVID-19. Donald Trump followed the procedure and fortunately, he was negative for coronavirus. 

The results came as a sigh of relief for the Trump family. The US President met the Brazillian President and one more official from Brazil in Washington. Both of them got themselves tested for COVID-19, and the results were positive. That made the whole white house scared. 

Food Prices Are Soaring In China Due To Coronavirus And Swine Fever

COVID-19 Is More Powerful Than The President Of The US

Donald Trump is a mighty man, but coronavirus is more powerful, even he got scared of it. The world is going through a horrible phase, and people are dying all around the world. The scientists are continuously trying to find a method to fight this virus. This was fortunate that The US President was found negative for COVID-19.

World Going Through A Medical Emergency

Everyone was praying for the people China a few days back, and now the things have changed. Most of the countries are facing the same situations as China, and the virus is spreading like wildfire. India was thought to be safe from the virus as they didn’t have many connections with China is also going through the Medical Epidemic. 

Food Prices Are Soaring In China Due To Coronavirus And Swine Fever

Most of the states in India have declared a medical emergency. They have closed down cinema halls and educational institutes where there were chances of gatherings. Malls and Amusement parks have shut down too. The business is going down, but the world needs to unite and fight with this virus. 

Forwards And Hoax Creating An Environment Of Fear

The worst thing that is happening right now is people spreading scary messages about the virus. The virus is deadly, but people can save themselves from being vulnerable to it. The preventive measures are comfortable and can save any healthy person from it. COVID-19 will only kill those people who have low immunity or are infants or above the age of 50.

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