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Coronavirus: Pornhub Makes A Move By Giving Premium Subscription In Italy

Introduction (Coronavirus)

As intense and panicky things might get in Italy, the country has worn a deserted look altogether. Following China, it has been the second worst-hit country of the global pandemic, Coronavirus. Amidst all the fears, comes a way of entertainment for the Italians under self-isolation. Pornhub has been offering premium services to all its citizens until March. Well, that’s one way to pass the time, isn’t it?

Italy is now in a total shutdown with shops, restaurants, hotels, public spots totally abandoned. Except for hospitals, grocery stores and pharmacies, everything else is under a total shutdown.


Italy has reported 345 new Coronavirus deaths over the last 24 hours taking the death toll to 2,503. There has been a 16 per cent increase in the number of deaths totaling up to 31,506.

What’s The Deal? (Coronavirus)

With people stuck in Japanese cruises, Pornhub is offering free porn so that they can at least have some enjoyment. The site is also casting Coronavirus themed films and ads.

Now, they are giving this service to all the Italians who could access it without any payment from their credit cards. The creators are also up to some philanthropic work. They have announced to donate a portion of their proceeds to some of the local hospitals.

The site is also encouraging people to take up precautionary measures and stay at home. Once you open the site you will be greeted by the message which reads, “Pornhub has decided to donate its Modelhub March revenue to help Italy overcome the emergency.

 To keep you company at home during these weeks, you’ll be able to access Pornhub Premium for free for the whole month, with no need for a credit card.”


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Current State Of Italy (Coronavirus)

Italy is the only European country hardest hit by the novel Covid-19. As of now, there are 31,506 infected cases reported, out of which 2,503 have lost their lives and 2,941 have recovered. Italians are currently giving a tough fight against this global pandemic.

Even the government has threatened to take legal action against those who will not follow the rules laid down by them in order to contain the virus. The Italians said that they have not experienced such a tragedy.

Europe Under Lockdown

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