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Coronavirus: PM Trudeau’s Wife Recovers, Updates Via Instagram


David Mudd

Coronavirus: The whole world is in the trap of coronavirus. Thousands of people are coming up as victims, including celebrities, politicians and ordinary people. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared the sad news of his wife earlier when she got positive in coronavirus test. 

Recovery Is Happening (Coronavirus)

Things are upside down for every human being on this planet. Amongst the chaos and grief, some positive news is coming up of recovery of people. Though this number is very less, it is the only sign of hope for everyone in this scenario. 

The Canadian Prime Minister shared such news of his wife’s recovery from coronavirus recently. People were happy to hear this news and prayed for their health and well-being.  


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PM Trudeau Shared The News Via Instagram

We got to know about Sophie Trudeau’s recovery through the most popular social media platform, Instagram. The Canadian Prime Minister shared a video on Instagram, showing his happiness and announcing that she is now healthy and out of danger. 

Trudeau shared a video showing his gratitude towards his well-wishers and people who stood with him during his tough time. He thanked everyone and expressed his happiness. He further sent his love to all. 

Trudeau told his followers that Sophie has now received the clearance from her doctor as well as from Ottawa Public Health. She has also shared her recovery on social media platforms and has informed that she is feeling much better now. 


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The Couple Was In Self Isolation For A Long Time (Coronavirus)

Trudeau’s office officially declared on March 12, 2020, about the news of confirmation of Sophie Tredeau’s illness. The office informed that she got a positive result after the test for the coronavirus. They further told that she was ill after returning from a trip to London. 

Since the confirmation, the family was in self-isolation at home. Not only the couple but their three children were also with them. The Prime Minister said that he would work from home so that Canadians can learn and inspire themselves for staying home. 

Coronavirus Updates

Canada has seen about 445 recoveries till now. The rate is reasonable, but there is still a long way to go.