Coronavirus Pandemic: After EU Countries, Argentina Orders Strict Quarantine Till March 1st


David Mudd

The coronavirus pandemic is conquering continents as we speak. Initiating from China, the virus is now spreading to Europe, North America and Australia. Latin America is also not out of the virus’ touch. Here is an update on the lockdown implementation in Argentina and the status of the virus in Latin America.

The Corona Pandemic: What The World Is Facing

WHO recently announced the Coronavirus as a pandemic. There are more than 300,000 cases globally, More than 100 countries are affected


Many other European countries are reporting a rise in the number of cases. European Union is also banning travel for 30 days. Italy and Spain are becoming hot spots for the Coronavirus. Both countries are on lockdown with strict health protocols in place.

All public places are shutting down. Schools, colleges, theatres, parks, malls are closing due to the health protocols. Industries are taking a hit as well as the economy in many countries. Business people are losing billions due to the market crash.

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Argentina Implements Lockdown To Curb Pandemic

President Alberto Fernandez recently held a televised press conference on the coronavirus problem. Fernandez says that Argentina will be on lockdown till March 31, 2020. All schools and colleges will remain suspended. National Parks are also closing down for the period.

Coronavirus In UK

Prior to the lockdown, Argentina also put in place strict travel restrictions. The country is closing its borders to all non-residents for 15 days. It is also imposing a 30-day travel ban in the country. Argentina is also not issuing visas to people coming from Italy, China, Britain and many European nations.

Coronavirus Global Death Toll Update

With more than 300,000 cases, the death toll is now more than 11,000 cases globally. Matching the death toll of African epidemic Ebola, coronavirus is going slower but still dangerously spreading around the world.

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Who declared the coronavirus a pandemic after the 2009 swine flu problem. The entertainment industry is hibernating as of now. Productions of many films and TV shows are shutting down as a response to the pandemic.


Therefore, taking care of oneself and caring about others is essential in this time of crisis. Everyone is trying to stay indoors and practice social distancing, which is becoming a trend on social media.