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Coronavirus Pandemic: 919 Deaths In One Day- Highest Death Toll In Italy

Introduction (Coronavirus)

Italy recorded it’s highest Coronavirus death toll on Friday with 919 deaths. It’s really painful and heartbreaking to believe but it’s true. The numbers keep on surging as more confirmed cases keep surfacing. And with no accurate vaccine yet discovered the death rates are increasing wildly. The elderly are the most targeted because of dropping levels in their immunity and body strength.

“You know what’s more painful than dying?”says one of the local woman in Seriate, Italy. “When you can’t give your final goodbye to your loved one. You cannot even touch them. That’s more painful.” The woman lost her elderly parents to this pandemic. Seriate, Italy is one of the worst hit regions. The San Giusppe Church in Italy witnesses a painful sight of coffins lining up of the dead. They are being cremated.


US Release Aid Package (Coronavirus)

President Donald Trump in line with the U.S House of Representatives released a $2.2 trillion package aid. It’s said to be the largest as recorded by any country ever. The aid helps with the economic derogation faced by countries worldwide. Donald Trump took no time in signing off the package approving it into law.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States reached 100,040 on March 27. It’s the highest number in the world, a Reuters tally showed. New York plans to build eight temporary hospitals to meet an expected surge in coronavirus patients.

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Italy Surpassing China (Coronavirus)

It has also surpassed China in the number of confirmed cases, with 86,498 cases compared to China’s 81,897. Italy’s Civil Protection Agency reported the figures.

The hardest-hit region of Lombardy reported a sharp rise in fatalities compared with the day before, with 541 more deaths.


Italy meanwhile recorded total deaths of around 9,134. Prior to Friday’s figure it recorded on the highest deaths on 21st March which was 793. Around 10,950 infected have recovered in the country.

Pope Francis gave a special blessing of Urbi et Orbi from an almost deserted Vatican. Most of the religious sites be it the Vatican or the Holy Mecca records a handful of visitors and pilgrims respectively.

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