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Coronavirus: NYC Closes Schools, Restaurants, Bars, Theatres And More


David Mudd

COVID-19 or the Corona crisis is leading to NYC shutting down. Italy and China are already on lockdown. Other countries are also taking strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Here is the recent shutdown that New York City is facing in order to contain the virus.

NYC Governor Shuts Down The City

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York City, is shutting the city down. Quite literally. Therefore, public gatherings of more than 50 people are not allowed. Schools, colleges, and restaurants are also closing.

Restaurants are closing for dine-in. But take-outs are allowed. All non-essential businesses are closing down. However, essential businesses like pharmacies and supermarkets will remain open.

USA Bans On Travel And Quarantine

There are almost 1000+ cases in America alone. Trump is taking measures to handle the spread of the virus. His address from the Oval Office says that travel from 26 European countries is going to be unavailable for 30 days to the United States.  However, the United Kingdom is not on the list of the 26 nations.


Another important implementation is the compulsory quarantine period for international travelers. Many countries are starting this process. Every international traveler will have to spend 14 days in quarantine and go through testing. This is disrupting many travel plans.

International students in America are also trapped because they cannot go back to their countries without being quarantined. Therefore, the cancellation of the whole semesters is proving problematic for students.

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Corona Continues To Spread NYC 

The corona is a pandemic now, according to WHO. The virus first came from China in Wuhan. From there, it spread around the world, creating various hotspots. Italy and Spain have more than 8000 cases each. South Korea and Japan are also experiencing a rise in corona cases.

Across the globe, more than 185,000 people are testing positive. The virus is contagious and airborne. Therefore, it is spreading faster. Travel is possible in many countries, and all public places are shutting. Many cities are on lockdown as well. The death toll is above 7000 and counting.


It is advisable that people should take care of their personal health and hygiene. The virus attacks the older generations more. Therefore, young people should take care of not spreading the virus.

Everyone should actively take care of themselves and their loved ones.