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Coronavirus: New Zealand Eases Lockdown Restrictions And Moves Into Level Two


David Mudd

New Zealand is all set to ease its lockdown restrictions. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the current status of the coronavirus in New Zealand and how the country has been performing in dealing with the pandemic.

Coronavirus Status In New Zealand

New Zealand has not reported many coronavirus cases. Moreover, the country is performing quite well in dealing with the pandemic situation. According to Reuters, New Zealand has 1147 positive cases to date.

1411 people have recovered. However, 21 people have died in the country due to coronavirus. New Zealand took strict actions when the pandemic was declared. Therefore, the country has contained the virus and is easing its lockdown.

Level 2 Lockdown

The country will move into level two lockdown. It allows businesses to reopen, traveling between cities, and socializing with friends. Furthermore, marriage ceremonies, religious ceremonies, and formal gatherings are permitted as well.

However, people will gather in groups of 10. Moreover, the country reported no new COVID-19 cases since Tuesday. Also, more than half of the people tested positive have recovered from the coronavirus.

Most of the schools in the country will reopen on 18th May 2020. Wearing face masks is still advised as a precautionary measure. Bars and nightclubs will reopen from 21st May 2020 onwards.

Hair salons and shopping outlets will open as well. However, bars are opening late after seeing an increase in cases in South Korea. This was due to the opening of bars and nightclubs in the country.

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New Zealand to end coronavirus lockdown - Global Times

Alert System In New Zealand

The country implemented a numerical system. It specifies the measures to be taken to prevent and protect people from the pandemic. It is called the Alert System. Moreover, the New Zealand Government published WHO guidelines through this system.

It enables them to create awareness of the virus amongst the people. Moreover, it told the measure that everyone needs to take to prevent the spread of this virus. It helped to bring down the cases in the country.