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Coronavirus: New York Designer Offer To Make Masks As Country Falls Short

The Famous New York Designer, Christian Siriano has decided to make masks as the country falls short of it. Moreover, his team will be working from home to make Coronavirus free masks. Read ahead to know more.

Who Is Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano is a famous American fashion designer. Also, he is a member of the Council Of Fashion Designers Of America(CFDA). Christian Siriano completed his education from American Inter Continental University.


He gained fame after becoming the youngest winner of the Project Runway American Designer Competition. In his early career, hr made wedding gowns. Moreover, his collection got famous after he won Project Runway. Since then, he is consider as a top fashion designer in the United States.

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Concerts, Awards- List Of Events Postponed/Cancelled

Status Of Coronavirus In The United States

All 50 States in the United States are positively tested for Coronavirus. The late response of the US Government has put the country into a shortage of medical resources. The United States has 17,300 positive cases of Coronavirus to date. Moreover, 224 people have died.

New York and Washington tested maximum positive cases of coronavirus. Furthermore, 39 people have died in New York and 74 people have died in Washington. The US Government has committed $100 billion to the pandemic emergency.


All schools, colleges, offices, malls, recreational centers have shut down. Also, the Canada US Border has been shut down to contain the coronavirus. Also, all flights from Europe coming to the United States have canceled

Christian Siriano To Make Masks

The New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo said there is a shortage of masks for medical workers. Therefore, Christian Horner decided to make masks free of cost. Furthermore, these masks are specifically made for medical workers.

Christian Siriano has employed his sewing team to make the masks. Furthermore, the team will be working from home. Moreover, he is collaborating with other manufacturers to produce at least 500 masks per day.


Andrew Cuomo has acknowledged the help Christian Siriano is willing to offer. Furthermore, the production of masks has already started and is in full swing.

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