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Coronavirus: New York Continues To Remain Epicenter, Tech-Giants Assist Healthworkers


David Mudd

New York continues to remain the hotspot for the coronavirus in the country. Find out the status of the virus in the United States. Also, see how big companies are assisting the health workers in the United States.

Coronavirus Status In The United States

The United States is the worst-hit coronavirus country in the world. Moreover, one could not expect such an advanced healthcare country to suffer so badly from the coronavirus. There 13,22,215 coronavirus cases in the country to date.

223,749 people have recovered. However, 78,622 people have died. The country is also facing a shortage of medical equipment and health workers. Moreover, there are shortages of ventilators as well.

Assistance By Telcom And MNC Companies


Many big American telecom giants like Verizon Communications Ltd, AT&T, Xfinity Ltd, Google Fi, and so on are providing free telecom services to people and healthcare workers. Moreover, they have flexed their bills as well so that people can contact each other and stay in touch with medical personnel if needed.

Also, Apple has entered into a partnership with the World Health Organisation to show coronavirus screening facilities on the Apple Maps app. Moreover, all these companies have received special support and applaud from President Donald Trump for keeping the services running despite the pandemic situation.

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Tesla’s Contribution

Tesla is making ventilators to support hospitals that are having a shortage of the same. Moreover, they are using the scrap parts of the Tesla Model 3 car to make ventilators. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla took up the initiative to develop ventilators after getting approval from the US Government.


The Tesla engineers are making these ventilators. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest technology that will enable the doctor to understand the patient’s condition better and act accordingly.