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Coronavirus: New Covid-19 Cases In New York Coming From People Leaving Home


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New York City Governor, Mike Cuomo said the number of cases in the city is increasing because of the people leaving their homes. Furthermore, it’s not the health workers, but the people responsible for the rise in COVID-19 cases. Read ahead to know more.

Status Of Coronavirus In The United States

The United States continues to remain the worst affected by the coronavirus country. Moreover, the country has 1.47 million coronavirus cases to date. 260,000 people have recovered from the virus.

However, 88,237 people have died in the country due to coronavirus. The number of cases keeps on increasing. New York City remains the epicenter of the coronavirus in the United States.

The city has 346,000 confirm coronavirus cases to date. Furthermore, 22,304 people have died in the city. The number of cases is rising. Moreover, the virus graph is not going down. Apple, Verizon Ltd, and other tech companies are assisting the US Government.

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New Yorkers Responsible For Rising In Cases

Mike Cuomo, New York Governor says people of New York are responsible for increased cases. Furthermore, they leave their house to buy groceries and go shopping. Moreover, not everyone is following social distancing.

The local authorities allowed certain areas in the city to remain open. But people took the disadvantage of freedom. More people are coming out. The person outside gets the coronavirus.

He/She goes home and transfer it to others and the chain continues. Moreover, such an approach towards the virus will only make the situation worst. Mike is worried about the city’s state.

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Health Workers Not At Fault

Mike Cuomo said health workers are not at fault. They are not responsible for the rise of COVID-19 cases. Moreover, they take all the precautions while treating and working around COVID-19 patients.

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