Coronavirus: New Coronavirus Outbreak Spark Unease In China

Coronavirus cases rise again in Shulan and Wuhan region in China. Moreover, this has caused worry as the country was reopening with the ease in COVID-19 cases. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out the current status of the coronavirus cases in China.

Coronavirus Status In China

China is where it all started. The coronavirus took birth in this country and has created havoc and the state of global panic throughout the world. Furthermore, China has 4,217,348 positive coronavirus cases to date.

1,506,479 people have recovered. However, 284,732 people have died in the country. The coronavirus originated in Wuhan. The exact place of origin in the city is still known.

Moreover, it is believed that the virus came from bats sold in the Wuhan animal market. However, the concrete proof is still unknown.  The Wuhan Institute of Virology is the chief institute in the country researching on the coronavirus. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation is assisting the institute in further scientific research of the coronavirus.

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New COVID-19 Cases In Shulan And Wuhan

New coronavirus cases recorded in Shulan, a Chinese city on the border of Russia-China. Also, cases came in from Wuhan. Cases in Shulan were connected to women with no known travel history or exposure to the virus.

Five cases recorded in three provinces sharing a border with Russia and North-Korea. These include three cases in Jilin, one in Heilongjiang and Liaoning respectively. Moreover, the local Chinese authorities are imposing a lockdown in the mentioned provinces.

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Status Of Lockdown In China

China had started to reopen cities as it could control the outbreak. Moreover, schools and offices reopened in Wuhan from where it all started. Industries and economic machineries resumed again.

However, after seeing new cases in Shulan and Wuhan, the Chinese authority might implement lockdown restrictions again. Moreover, three provinces reported additional cases as well.

Therefore, the next task is to decide whether to implement a nationwide lockdown or only in Wuhan and Shulan. Time will tell what the authorities finally decide to do to prevent the rise in the cases again.



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