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Coronavirus Live Updates: Infected Cases In the US Cross 1 Lakh, NYC With The Most Cases


David Mudd

The coronavirus is not slowing down on a large scale whatsoever. Europe is the hardest hit, however, the rest of the world is also struggling to contain the virus. The United Staes of America, a superpower in the world, is also scrambling to fight COVID-19. Here is a status update on the condition of the virus in the US.

Coronavirus: Latest United States Statistics

According to the Worldometer, the number of cases in the US is 104,256 as of the latest update. This is more than the number of cases in Italy, which is the new epicentre of the pandemic. Therefore, it a cause for grave concern because if treatments lag, then the US will see more deaths than Italy in the future.


The number of deaths in the country is also at 1,704 as of the latest update. In New York, the number of cases is 46,262, and the death toll is at 606.

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Coronavirus: Number Of Cases In The US Cross 1 Lakh

On Friday evening, the US confirmed that at least 101,242 people are now battling the virus. The rise in the number of cases is scary because of how quickly the virus is spreading across the country.

The United States records 50,000 cases in the first 63 days of the outbreak. However, the number of cases is now more than 100,000, and it only comes after 3 days. Therefore, this exponential growth in the number of COVID-19 cases is a cause for concern. The concern comes mainly from the health workers and hospitals.


New York Becomes Hardest Hit In The Country

Within America, New York City and Los Angeles have the most number of cases. However, New York seems to be the worst with more than 46,000 cases. That constitutes the most significant percentage in the share of cases in the whole country.

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Not only this, but the number of deaths in New York is also the highest. With 606 deaths, New York is struggling to contain the Coronavirus. The health workers and hospitals in New York are filling up fast. The health care authorities are worrying about the dwindling supply of medical equipment.

The number of hospital gowns is decreasing. So much so that the workers are making makeshift gowns with plastic/ clean garbage bags. Ventilators, masks and other equipment are also vanishing as more and more patients turn up.


Soon, the doctors will have to make the stressful decisions of prioritizing the use of machines for individual patients over others. Therefore, it is essential that the state takes steps to provide support for hospitals at the earliest.