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Coronavirus Live Updates: Europe Taking The Worst Hit – Death Toll Keeps Increasing

Coronavirus Live Updates: Europe is becoming the next epicentre of the novel coronavirus. Spain overtook China in the death toll and it is increasing rapidly. The United States sharpened their precautions and restrictions. If we take the list of top ten coronavirus affected countries. Six among them are European countries. The United States replaced China with the most number of coronavirus cases.

European countries with the most numbers of COVID-19 cases till date are:

  • United States of America
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland

Coronavirus Live Updates

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What Is Happening In The Countries? (Coronavirus Live Updates)

A package of $2 trillion was announced to soften the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Besides, it is still unknown how long this will remain like this. The lockdown is complete in many countries but it will take more time to take control of the situation. Because the virus was already spread on many people before the lockdown and all the precautions started.

Coronavirus Live Updates

The government already took steps for the production of more medical equipment. The package passed by the senate includes the aim to support many businesses with massive losses. There is an indefinite number of households and small businesses facing colossal loss. Besides, the reports from LEbour Department show that about 3.3 million Americans already applied for unemployment benefits.

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Beyond everything, most of these countries have medical equipment shortages. France reports over 360 deaths in 24 hours. It includes small children too. The situation in China is safe now, but there is a slight chance for another outbreak from travelers who already there.

Coronavirus Live Updates

The current epicenter of the virus in the U.S is Newyork but the confirmed cases are increasing in Michigan, Lousiana, and Texas. Moreover, the death toll in the U.S already reached 1000. Besides, the pandemic spread already crossed 500,000 globally.

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