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Coronavirus: List Of Celebrities Who Have Come Forward With Their COVID-19 Diagnosis

Below is a list of Celebrities With Coronavirus. You can read more about the same here.

Coronavirus has turned the world upside down. Countries like Italy, Iraq, German, and India are facing severe medical problems. The number of positive cases is increasing like fire, and the death ratio is growing too. Some celebrities have come forward with their COVID-19 Diagnosis. This is something that makes us feel that everyone is now equal, this virus can affect anyone. This is odd that a virus was essential to show that all of us are equal.

The conditions are getting scarier, and everyone is in quarantine. It is not something to panic about, but we need to be cautious. All the things told by the governments are essential, and everyone should stay inside their homes.

Celebrities With Coronavirus

List Of Celebrities Who Have Come Forward With Their COVID-19 Diagnosis (Celebrities With Coronavirus)

Below are the celebrities who have shared their diagnosis reports. Let’s have a look and know what their results were.

Tom Hanks: Hollywood star Tom Hanks is COVID-19 positive. He was in Australia when he declared this.

Rita Wilson: Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks is also COVID-19 positive. Both of them are in quarantine after that.

Rudy Gobert: Basketball Player, a team member of Utah Jazz, was also tested positive for COVID-19 along with one more player from the team.

Donovan Mitchell: He is the second player who was found positive for COVID-19 from Utah Jazz along with Rudy Gobert.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau: She is the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justing Trudeau is also COVID-19 positive.

Coronavirus Effect on Hollywood

We Need To Act A Bit Serious About The Situation 

There is no need to panic, but this is the time we need to leave the casual attitude towards it. COVID-19 is not your regular flu, and it can cause lung failure and kill you. Even if you survive, there are chances that your immunity will suffer. Healthcare experts are working day and night to save the world from this Pandemic. It’s now time that we understand and work accordingly.

This is getting serious, people are dying around the world, and we need to be careful. It can get you too if you are not taking precautions.


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