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Coronavirus: Lana Condor Calls Out Donald Trump For Racist “China Virus” Comment

Condor Calls Out Trump on his racist comment and we are loving it!

Introduction (Condor Calls Out Trump)

People tend to be judgmental very quickly. It’s because we don’t think when we do so. We believe too much on what we hear or see without trying to dig any deeper. Our assumptions weigh-in more than our reasons. And probably, that is the reason we discriminate against people or become racist in our thoughts. We don’t go for facts, we believe and hence judge what has been served in a platter.

And if we’re talking about racism then there needs to be a special mention of our US president who has time and again been slammed by many for his racist comments. This time it’s the novel Covid-19 to which he referred to as the “Asian virus”. I mean Asian virus? Being in the highest position of power it comes out as quite un-parliamentarian for a president to quote it with that term. Let’s see what has Mr. Trump done for himself this time.

Condor Calls Out Trump

Lana Condor Hits Back At Trump (Coronavirus)

“With great power comes great responsibility”, but our dear president Mr. Donald Trump didn’t seem to care about the later part of this wise saying. So, he always finds himself in the middle of some unwanted allegations for his irresponsible comments. When the entire world is reeling under the tyranny of Coronavirus, Mr.Trump seems to busy himself with his racist comments.

“To All The Boys I Loved” star Lana Condor slams Trump back and said that he is yet to prove himself as a true leader. She said that the president needs to be ashamed of using such a derogatory quote for the Asian American community.

Condor Calls Out Trump

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Condor’s Twitter Post 

Condor seemed to be fire on Trump’s comments and hit him pretty hard through her post on Twitter.  Her post read, “You have no idea the ramifications your racist words & actions have on the Asian American community. You simply cannot even fathom the danger you are putting our community in. How dare you. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Condor Calls Out Trump

She took a dig in his being called a leader and asked what was the duty of a true leader? She set Jack Ma’s example of donating millions of masks and conducting tests all around America because his government hasn’t done it yet.

According to the tracker maintained in the John Hopkins University, the virus until now has killed 8,809 people and infected around 218,631 across 157 countries and territories.

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