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Coronavirus: John Legend To Chris Martin, Artists Giving Online Concerts To Fans


David Mudd

Live concerts are being given to fans by several artists. 

Is it hard to sustain inside the house? People are just lying down in their beds and sofas, and there is nothing much to do. People can’t go out to watch movies or attend concerts. For the film, there are streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but there is nothing for concerts. But, some artists are conducting online concerts for their fans. 

There are platforms like Instagram that support live feature, and there are artists like John Legend and Chris Martin. These artists are giving people hope. They are entertaining people, and they don’t even have to get out and gather. This is the best thing about art, and it can give anyone the strength to fight with the worst.

Live Concerts

Artists Who Are Conducting Online Concerts (Live Concerts)

There are famous artists like John Legend and Chris Marting, who are playing live for their fans. These artists are singing their best songs, and they are talking to people and spreading awareness. They are all positive, and they are helping everyone keep up their spirits. The times are hard, and it is easy to lose hope amidst all this.

Some more artists like them are doing the same thing. Yungblud also did a live concert for his fans. All of these artists are doing their bit in keeping the world united. All of them requested people to stay inside and not to panic. 

Live Concerts

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A Beautiful Gesture Towards Fans And The World (Live Concerts)

This gesture by these artists is lovely. They are doing all this for their fans and the world. We need more people like them so that we can overcome this in the best way possible. We don’t have to do much, and we have to take all the necessary measures. Going out to meet others because you worry about them is not a good option as of now. It is better to either text or call. 

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Music Can Save Us

This act has shown us that music can save people. Artists are singing and giving out tips to be safe, and people hear them. They are influencers, and they know how to influence. Amidst all bad, this was a ray of hope for the world.

Live Concerts