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Coronavirus: Italy Passes China With Most Deaths, Death Toll Rises To 3705


David Mudd

The coronavirus situation is getting worse in Italy. The last report from Italy shows that the death row became more than the number of people died in China. Small improvements are register with 427 deaths. On the day before Thursday, the death number was 475. Including these numbers, it became 3405 deaths in Italy.


Italy is the country with the most number of deaths in the cause of coronavirus now. The whole world is now started taking precautions and social distancing. Schools, Airports, Cities, and borders are shut down in many countries throughout the world. People are recommended to stay safe in their own homes.

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Global Status On Coronavirus

Until now, globally there are 220,000 people got confirm as infect by Coronavirus. In this amount of people, over 84,000 recovered and 8,800 have died. besides, the virus is mostly spreading in Europe now. Including 4,440 people recovered from COVID-19, the total number of 41,035 cases reported in Italy yet.

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Meanwhile, there are no other case reports in China. Although, Epidemiologists said that the country may have to face waves of after-effects of the virus. More than 300 were died because of the Coronavirus outbreak in China. The first case was report in Italy was on two Chinese tourists in January.  But it went undetected. It gave time to the virus to spread.

There is a bit of hope when the death row got decrease in recent days. Besides, the number of new corona infected people reduce. More than 80,000 were diagnose in each region in Europe.

The actual rate of infections may vary in different regions. In some countries including Italy, testing has scaled back. It may keep many new cases undetected. Governments all over the world are taking strong steps to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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