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Coronavirus Italy: A New Record Of 743 Deaths In A Day Put Italy In A Helpless Situation


David Mudd

The coronavirus pandemic is the greatest fear that the earth is facing right now. WHO declared it a global pandemic, it created a panic situation in the whole world. It is becoming more serious every passing day. The whole world is trying to fight back and together against the virus.


Most of us already have lots of information about it. SARS-CoV-2 is the main cause of COVID-19 disease. This outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China. But the current epicenter of this virus outbreak in Europe. The nations are coming together in this fight.


Italy is facing this pandemic’s furious wrath. Though they have one of the best medical facilities in the world, still feels helpless most.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus Infection

This outbreak is becoming more lethal because of common symptoms like cough, fever, breathing complications. These symptoms are so common that people don’t pay attention in the first place. It was one of the big mistakes that Italy made at first. This virus spreads between people via respiratory droplets. Therefore, the world is almost on lockdown now just to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.


Helpless Situation In Italy: 743 Deaths In A Day

After having a great hit by the Coronavirus outbreak, the situation in Italy is collapsing every day bit by bit. The death toll is rising continuously there. 743 people died because of this virus in one day which is a massive shock to the nation. The total number of confirmed cases in Italy is now 69,176, according to the Civil Protection Agency.


As per the official statement, nation lockdown is finally helping in control, because the daily death rate seems to reduce.  But they also fear that the real number of cases is maybe more than the official record. Italian medical official is working hard to prevent this death rally. Right now Italy is on national lockdown. Almost everything is closed, except for the essentials.

But experts are afraid that if France and Spain don’t take action now, they may end up like Italy too.