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Coronavirus In US: Major Disaster Declaration For California Approved By President


David Mudd

Coronavirus In US: As the coronavirus spreads across the world, countries are scrambling to fight it. WHO is also on watch 24/7 to contain the virus. With Italy, Spain, Argentina and France on strict Lockdown, America is also imposing emergency in many states.

Here is the recent Major Disaster Declaration implementation in California to fight COVID-19.

Coronavirus In US

The US And The Pandemic: Trump Approves Major Disaster Declaration For California

California is one of the most populous states in the United States. It is home to almost 40 million Americans.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom wrote a letter to the President, requesting the approval of Disaster Declaration in the state. Within hours of the letter, President Trump approved his request.

Coronavirus In US

California is one of the hardest-hit states in America. Therefore, it makes sense that the implementation of the Disaster Declaration will help in containing the COVID-19. Newsom also takes to Twitter to announce the news.

He says that President Trump approved their request to deploy USNSMercy in California. He also adds that they are grateful for the quick response and partnership.

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The US And The Pandemic: What Does The Declaration Do? (Coronavirus In US)

The Major Disaster Declaration will make federal aid resources available to help with the coronavirus pandemic. It will make vital resources accessible and provide extra health care facilities to the state.

The declaration will also provide federal assistance in various matters. These include Disaster case Management, disaster unemployment assistance and disaster legal services. It will also provide mass health care facilities and crisis counselling.

Coronavirus In US

Not only this, but Trump’s approval also paves the way for the Navy Ship USS Mercy to deploy and come to Los Angeles and help with the treatment of the people. The White House also announced that USNS Comfort will be deployed to provide help in impacted areas as well.

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The US And The Pandemic: How The Country Is Fighting The Coronavirus

Along with California, strict protocols are also in place in New York and Washington DC. Travel is on suspension for 30 days and the country is running out of masks. The US is also seeing the worst case of panic buying. Many essential resources are running out.

Americans are encouraged to practise social distancing and to leave their home only when necessary.