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Coronavirus In US: Death Toll Rises To 400, Infected Cases Up By 34,000


David Mudd

The coronavirus is locking down countries left and right. With Italy and Spain as the new epicentres, more than 300,000 cases of the virus are recording worldwide. The death toll is rising, and countries are on their way to witness shortages. Here is a status update on the corona pandemic in the US.

WHO Declares Corona Pandemic: Starts Spreading In US

This is the first time since 2009(swine flu) that the WHO is declaring a pandemic. In a briefing in Geneva, the director-general of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that they are deeply concerned with the alarming increase and inaction concerning the corona situation. However, the World Health Organisation has declared the COVID-19 a pandemic.

Coronavirus In US

Since then, the world has witnessed the rapid spread of the virus around the world. With Europe facing hard hits in many countries, the US is also facing major problems now. The global death toll is now at 15,000 and counting with 300,000 cases.

Pandemic: Death Toll In US Rises To 400 (Coronavirus In US)

The Worldometer, which is counting corona cases and death globally, reveals that the death toll in the US is rising fast. The toll is at 419 deaths, and the number of cases is more than 34,000.

New York is the worst with around 15,000 cases alone. More than 100 people have already died in New York. More than 5,000 cases are coming up within 24 hours. The Governor of New York also says that New York will face widespread shortages in the next ten days.

Coronavirus In US

Many projections are expecting the death toll to rise in the coming months as well. Therefore, the US is struggling with depleting medical resources as it tries to contain the virus.

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Pandemic: Disaster Declaration And Travel Bans

President Trump just gave approval to implement the Major Disaster Declaration in the state of California. The authorisation will help deploy federal aiding services to the public. Mass healthcare, crisis counselling and disaster management services will be available to the state.

The White House also declares that two Navy ships will deploy to provide help in New York and California. The USS Mercy will sail to Los Angeles while the USNS Comfort will go to New York.

Coronavirus In US

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International travel is also under suspension in the US. President Trump is also appealing to the public, saying that we as Americans will meet up with the challenge.