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Coronavirus In Tokyo: Tokyo Becomes Japan’s Epicenter For The Virus


David Mudd

Coronavirus In Tokyo: In over the past few months, the entire world is terrified with the fatal spread of COVID- 19. The disease was first found in Wuhan, China in December 2019. 

Along with all the other countries of the world, Japan is one of the states that has been affected the most by CoronaVirus.  Last month, broadcaster NHK reported- Japan has had 1,313 domestic cases of coronavirus as of Thursday morning, separate from 712 from a cruise ship that was moored near Tokyo. Along with that, There have been 45 domestic deaths and ten from the cruise ship.

Coronavirus In Tokyo

Tokyo Becomes the Epicenter (Coronavirus In Tokyo)

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is now being known as the epicentre of COVID-19 in Japan. The city has reported over 200 coronavirus cases with 40 of them being reported this Wednesday, up till now one of the most significant one-day increase. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike says about the situation that the next three weeks are critical for if Tokyo would see an increase in the virus cases.

Not only this, but Tokyo is also now overtaking the northern island of Hokkaido, which had roughly 163 cases early on Wednesday, according to national broadcaster NHK.

Coronavirus In Tokyo

Points to Stay Away From COVID-19

Given below are some simple measured you cant take to avoid this fatal Corona Virus. These are the key points you should always keep in mind

  • Sniffle and cough into tissues or the lawbreaker of your elbow. If you get bodily fluid or spit on your skin, clear it off immediately.
  • Abstain from touching your face with unwashed hands.
  • Wash your hands with hand wash or use a hand sanitizer that contains liquor of some sort.
  • Evade close contact with individuals who are wiped ill, especially citizens of Japan displaying cold, cough and fever. Because these are the main symptoms of the virus
  • Always and always clean surfaces, for example, ledges and door handles, with a disinfectant
  • Remain at home when you’re ill.
  • Avoid crowded places. Even if you are going out, always wear a mask.

Coronavirus In Tokyo

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