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Coronavirus In NYC:\ The Infected Cases Are Doubling Every 3 Days Says Governor

Coronavirus In NYC: There is an environment for fear and terror everywhere. The fatal spread of COVID-19 has left many dead in the last couple of months. When it comes to the USA, the country is suffering the most with CoronaVirus. In New York, Infected Cases Are Doubling Every three Days Says, Governor, Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday.

“That is a dramatic increase in the rate of infection..” He says. “We need the federal help, and we need the federal help now,” he added.

The Astonishing Numbers (Coronavirus In NYC)

‘The rate from which the number of cases of CoronaVirus is increasing in New York is surprising. As of around midday Tuesday, New York had 25,665 coronavirus cases — roughly half of the U.S. total. The state says at least 210 people there have died from COVID-19.

Andrew Cuomo seems quite tensed about this entire situation that is taking place in New York. For the matter of fact, he says that the people who are carrying out the duties to curb COVID-19 are trying their best to keep it away as much as possible.

“We haven’t flattened the curve,” Cuomo said, “and the curve is increasing.”

“In many ways, we have exhausted every option available to us.” By saying this, he means that the New York government has been trying their best to use as many resources as possible. New York residents under strict limits in their daily lives, with businesses ordered to shut down and people, told to isolate themselves.

Points To Avoid COVID-19 

Given below are some simple measured you cant take to avoid this fatal Corona Virus. These are the key points you should always keep in mind

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