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Coronavirus In Italy: Italy Reports 627 Deaths In A Day, Toll Keeps On Increasing


David Mudd

Italy continues to be the coronavirus’ worst victim. The European country reported 627 deaths in one day alone, on March 20, 2020. That alone is an 18.4% increase in the country’s death toll.

This is now their highest increase in deaths reported at the end of a single day. Before this, Italy had only reported a maximum of 470 deaths in a day. The number never crossed 150 for China, too.

Coronavirus In Italy

A Bad Situation Getting Worse

Such a devastating report comes off the back of another awful mark that the country’s coronavirus has crossed. Italy crossed China in the number of deaths just a day before this. John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center says that China has reported 3,259 deaths in total since they started dealing with the crisis. Italy, on the other hand, has reported 4,032 deaths now.

This is especially shocking since Italy has only reported 47,021 cases of the virus in total, while China has nearly double those numbers, at 81,304 so far. It is no surprise that the Italian government has had to take extreme measures to combat this global pandemic.

Coronavirus In Italy

Entire Country Under Lockdown (Coronavirus In Italy)

The country’s entire population, consisting of 60 million people are under lockdown. Lombardy, the country’s northern region is bearing the brunt of the disease. It has reported 22,264 cases on its own, with 2,549 deaths in total.

The government has barred international travel in and out of the country already. Furthermore, they’re even regulating the movement of people within the country itself. People cannot travel outside of their home province. They’re being quite rigorous with these restrictions, too. There are checkpoints on their local roads and highways stopping people from going where they shouldn’t.

The only reason the government is permitting people to leave their homes is for essential reasons. This includes getting groceries and other such necessities, or to receive treatment.

Coronavirus In Italy

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A Stoppage Of Normal Life (Coronavirus In Italy)

Various parts of Italian life have been disrupted by this pandemic. The national football tournament, Serie A, has been suspended indefinitely. Various football players and staff themselves have tested positive for the virus. This includes defender Daniele Rugani and midfielder Blaise Matuidi, Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates at Juventus.

It is not all hopeless for the Italians, however. Out of the total number of cases, 4,440 have actually recovered from the disease and 35,205 of the active cases are in mild condition. Hopefully, the disease will slow down its rampage in Italy sooner rather than later.