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Coronavirus In Ireland : Cases Of Coronavirus Infected Patients Increases By 52% In One Day


David Mudd

Coronavirus In Ireland: Coronavirus or COVID-19 the highly contagious disease have a taken a toll on many lives. Furthermore, it’s still spreading like fire and is affecting tones of people now as well. A market in China is the origin of the disease. From Wuhan, China, it’s spread all around the world.

Cases Of Coronavirus Rapidly Increasing In Ireland? (Coronavirus In Ireland)

Countries like China, the US, Italy, have been worst hit by the coronavirus. New 191 cases are reported confirmed in Ireland on 20 March 2020. This brings the total count in the country to 557 from 336 from 19 March. Furthermore, it’s an increase of 52% reported within just in a day.

Coronavirus In Ireland

The testing has been ramped up since the National Public Health Emergency Team increases its threshold for screening.

A woman recently away in Ireland due to COVID-19. She’s from the east side of the country. Subsequently, the cases of death in Ireland has now become three.

According to reports, around 80% of COVID-19 cases will be mild. The rest 14% are severe, making the 6% affected critical.

In most of the cases, you need to be in contact with the affected person. The contact time is fifteen minutes or more to catch the disease. You also need to be in close contact with them for say 1-2 metres. Also, cough and sneeze droplets from an affected person dropping into a non-affected person can spread the disease.

Coronavirus In Ireland

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Hears What Health Specialists Have To Say 

Dr Tony Holohan believes that social distancing at this point couldn’t bring any subsequent changes to figures. Instead, more and more tests will be conducted.

Speaking at a press conference, Dr Holohan said: “We’re not recommending a lockdown. It would be easy to shut down every airport, workplace, every part of society to close, that might reduce the spread of the virus. But it would be a disproportionate response. We need the vast majority of people to follow most of the recommendations most of the time. We think that’s a reasonable response”.

Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Robin Swann recently made a statement. He said that the death rate in Northern Ireland could reach as high as 15,000 in a “worst-case nightmare scenario”.

Coronavirus In Ireland

He told this to the public. “If we fail as a community to take the necessary actions to slow down the transmission of the virus, it can affect up to 80% of the Northern Ireland population. If all the public health advice is ignored, in a worst-case nightmare scenario and with a fatality rate of 1%, then that could mean up to 14,000-15,000 lives lost.”

The country will hopefully be taking necessary action for it not to happen. Government and people around the world are standing together to fight coronavirus. At this stage, we are not left with any other option rather than to join hands(not literally) and take down the disease.